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Technical Framework Rv 1

To all Archers, are you interested in becoming a Coach, if so then contact your CDM on For a Guidance for Candidate Application pack.

The Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Archery qualification has been designed for archers wanting to deliver taster archery sessions and a pre-set six-session archery course to beginners. If you are a club archer or active volunteer who is enthusiastic about introducing new people to the sport and seeing them improve, then this course will give you the skills, experience and resources you need.

Achievement of the qualification is normally via the combination of the following phases:

Completion of an induction process that will provide an introduction to the qualification and assistance in meeting the prerequisites of the qualification, if required, in addition, Candidates will receive support and guidance on accessing learning resources that support the development of their knowledge.

A programme of training, during which Candidates will be provided with the predominately practical and technical information required to fulfil the role.

Achievement of knowledge via a structured programme of learning and/or home study.

An independent assessment of the Candidates knowledge and understanding of the learning outcomes of the qualification.

Michael Wood
County Coach
Coach Development Manager

Lincolnshire Coaching Group

On Sunday the 5th June 2011 the final assessment was carried out on the Level 1 Coach course organised and run on behalf of the Lincolnshire Coaching Group by the Coach Development Manager, Mike Wood. Congratulations to the 11 new Level 1 coaches who passed. This course is the first to be organised under the the UKCC accreditation in Lincolnshire.

The Lead Tutor for the course was Mike Boyce, Lead assessor Mary Hannan assisted by Kath Fitzpatrick and Paul Whiteman.

The candidates in the photograph (in no particular order) are Andrew Addington, Carl Blackman, Stephanie Mountney, Ellen Talbot, Lynn Fisher, John Fisher, Michael Hagen, Ryan Mountney, Helen Zealand, Brian Bell, Gordon Sargeant, two of the Level 1 Coaches are Juniors.

Once again congratulations to you all, also to Mike Wood who has kept a tight ship and docked it with a 100% result

Barry Molsom CCO Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Archery Coaching Group

Saturday 26th March 2011
Princess Royal Sports Arena, Great Fen Road, Boston,  Lincs PE21 7PB

This is an ideal opportunity to set up your bow ready for the outdoor season, in the comfort of a 65 meter sports hall, and then test your set up by shooting up to 50m.
The day will be split up into 2, the morning dedicated to bow tuning and mini workshops, and the afternoon for a competition (short metric).

Bow tuning for Senior and Junior Archers, with the assistance of coaches.
Fine Tuning - Walk back Test., starting at 15yds and shooting 1 fletched arrow every 5 yds, up to max 50yds. (Please bring some unfletched arrows with you as well)
Several mini workshops will be run during the course of the morning; these will include competition preparation, basic bow maintenance and advice on nutrition and hydration.

3 dozen arrows at 50m on an 80cm face, 3 dozen arrows at 30m on an 80cm face.
Shorter distances will be set up according to junior ages.
Ends will consist of 3 arrows per end in 2 minutes.

Although the sports hall is very spacious, we will have to limit numbers, so it will be first bookings with monies that will be accepted, bookings by 17th March 2011

Senior all day £14.00, Junior all day £10.00
Senior morning only, £8.00, Junior Morning only, £6.00
Senior afternoon only, £8.00, Junior afternoon only, £6.00

Make cheques payable to: Lincolnshire Junior Archery Squad

Please send booking form and payment to: 

(Sorry No Telephone Bookings)           

Mr Ian Talbot
5 Meadow bank
PE22 0BL

Click Here for Booking Form

Lincolnshire Junior Archery

To all Club Secretaries:

See below a Letter from the Junior Team Manager suggesting a number of brilliant ideas to encourage Juniors to attend shoots, if you have any comments or further suggestions, contact Ian Talbot with details on 07702883830 or email .

Also included are a number of meeting dates arranged between now and Christmas at Friskney Village Hall, again contact Ian on the above.

There will be further dates arranged after Christmas, two of which will be organised by Andrew Harrison, Keith Gower and Ian Talbot, these will be fully staffed with experienced Coaches to assist you with your shooting skills.

Juniors are our Future.

Barry Molsom, Lincolnshire CCO

Letter from Junior Team Manager

2009 Level One Coaching Course

On Sunday 18th October 2009 the final External Assessment was carried for the candidates of the Level 1 Course, organised by the Lincolnshire Coaching Group. Kay has retained her 100% pass rate for the Level 1 Courses (there have been three courses held since 2006) and as a result of the weekend Lincolnshire has a further 9 Level 1 Coaches spread around the County.

The Lead Tutor was Kay Petchell She was assisted by Andrew Harrison, Keith Gower, Chris Petchey, Sam Newton and Mike Wood. Barry Molsom was the Course Moderator on behalf of Archery GB.

The final assessments were Performed by Mike Boyce, Martin Holtby and Tony Grey. Mike and Tony were also being assessed by Phil Batts from Orienteering, who are our accrediting body for the IAPS (Internal Verification Practice in Sport).

As the CCO, I would like to express my thanks to firstly Kay and her staff and also to all the candidates who have worked very hard to achieve this qualification. I would further like to thank the Big Lottery for their support in helping to finance this course and also the County Coach Training Course (4 Candidates) which is still on going.

The Group picture at the end of a good day:

Back Row (left to right) - Barry Molsom, Kay Petchell, Ian Talbot, Jim Lloyd, Tony Grey, Mike Boyce, Luke Bratley
and Martin Holtby

Front Row (left to right) - Mike Wood, Alex Fleming, Greg Prescott, Joanne Findley, Isobel Goulsbra, and Graham Myers, Ray Smith

Well done to you all and lets train lots of beginners.

Special congratulations to Jim Lloyd. Being a member of the same club, I know how hard he worked to achieve this qualification. I'm sure we will keep him busy with our beginner courses

Barry Molsom, Lincolnshire CCO

UK Coaching Framework & Framework England

The UK Coaching Framework (UKCF) is the primary reference point for sports coaching in the UK. It was developed by Sports Coach UK with the aim of making the UK the worlds leading coaching nation by 2016.

Framework England is the group created by Archery GB to lead the development and implementation of a specific archery coaching system for England that accords with the principles and aims of the UKCF.

Barry Molsom, Lincolnshire County Coaching Organiser, writes:

As one of the 1st Counties to have signed up to the UKCF, I attach documents which link through to the GNAS website giving information as to where we are up to with the England Framework.

We have worked hard to achieve our goal and maintain programme, to help us to keep the momentum going we have now appointed 4 more people in EMAS to help with reviews and implementation of projects.

I hope you find the information informative and if any one would like to become more involved in the FE meeting or to help support some of the projects as they come on stream please let me know.

If you have any Best Practises you would like to share please send them to me and I will forward them on to our committee who knows there may be some project in them that we could get funding for the wider benefits of archery.

Framework England 2009 Update

This gives an update on the progress the Framework England group has made in the last year and also what is planned to occur over the next 12 - 18 months

UKCF Progress Update

This is a document that links through to the GNAS website where lots of information about how Archery GB are developing their coaching systems can be found

Archery GB Best Practice Form

This is referred to in the Framework England 2009 Update.